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Social Work Services at MCGP

Introducing Ms. Raheela Hussain, LSW, MSW!

MCGP successfully established a social work position on January 1st, 2021, with the hiring of Ms. Leila Halwani, MSW, LSW, who worked hard despite the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic to lay the foundation for social work services at the mosque. As of October 2021, Ms. Halwani has joined the Social Work Advisory Team (SWAT) and Ms. Raheela Hussain has been appointed the new Director of Social Services.


By establishing a Director of Social Services, MCGP commits to increasing our support of members of the community who are struggling with social challenges such as domestic abuse, substance abuse and other behavioral health issues, inadequate medical insurance, housing issues, and family and youth-related crises.


Ms. Hussain collaborates with the MCGP Free Clinic and the MCGP Zakat (charitable giving) Committee to provide direct counseling to clients and inform and connect them with various local services and resources. She also initiates various educational programs around these issues to increase community awareness and support.

This page is still a work in progress. Please visit us again as we are working on adding more resources here! 


Raheela Hussain, LSW, MSW

Reshmi Siddique, Ph. D.

Social Work: Get Involved

“Implementing a social services program that serves the Muslim Community has been something I have wanted to be a part of for a very long time. I want to thank the Muslim Center for recognizing the need for social services in our community and putting in the work to get this trail blazing program up and running. I am looking forward to working with the Muslim Center and the Muslim Center Free Clinic to bring these much-needed services to our community members. “

Leila Halwani, LSW, MSW
Social Work Advisory Team (SWAT) at the Muslim Center of Greater Princeton

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